Truman Capote and Leslie Seigel AKA Eliza, met at the UN Plaza when they both moved in during the same month, July 1966. By 1970, they'd forged an interesting bond. Read up and see this true story.
Truman Capote and Leslie Seigel AKA Eliza, met at the UN Plaza when they both moved in during the same month, July 1966. By 1970, they'd forged an interesting bond. Read up and see this true story. | Source


Here we all are sitting with our nanny on the 23rd floor of the UN Plaza, across from the UN Building. What a great place for a kid to grow up, among stars like Johnny Carson and Truman Capote.
Here we all are sitting with our nanny on the 23rd floor of the UN Plaza, across from the UN Building. What a great place for a kid to grow up, among stars like Johnny Carson and Truman Capote. | Source


This is a photo of where Leslie Siegel AKA Eliza lived for 10 years. It was filled with fun, adventure and awakening personality and life.
This is a photo of where Leslie Siegel AKA Eliza lived for 10 years. It was filled with fun, adventure and awakening personality and life. | Source


Leslie Siegel AKA Eliza in the story, sits on topof piping as famous "In Cold Blood" author Truman Capote roamed the same lobby as she did. They struck up a strange friendship.
Leslie Siegel AKA Eliza in the story, sits on topof piping as famous "In Cold Blood" author Truman Capote roamed the same lobby as she did. They struck up a strange friendship. | Source


These are two photos of looking out the UN Plaza where my family lived for 10 years. See the United Nations Building? See the East River, and of course, that statue that all celebrity types loved and wanted of the "man with his hands over his head"!
These are two photos of looking out the UN Plaza where my family lived for 10 years. See the United Nations Building? See the East River, and of course, that statue that all celebrity types loved and wanted of the "man with his hands over his head"! |Source


Here is Leslie Siegel in many adventures and times at the UN Plaza, her stomping ground.
Here is Leslie Siegel in many adventures and times at the UN Plaza, her stomping ground. | Source


Eliza's family has lived at the United Nations Plaza for a few months when she spotted Truman Capote, famed author of "In Cold Blood" and many other novels turned into movies. He was riding in the elevator with her family, for a night on the town of his own.
Capote was a turning point during the late Sixties that changed the writing templates all over the world like Henry Miller could never have. What fueled Capote into writing such masterpieces? And what fueled his cute friendship with Leslie Siegel aka Eliza? Find out and take a read.
It had been the 4th month of Eliza's family's stay at the UN Plaza in New York City right in the heart of all the hoopla of that era of the late Sixties. Eliza would spot the author walking around the lobby with his walking stick looking like some poor guy walked in and was pretending to live there.
She'd spot him everywhere, even walking down 1st Avenue looking at the ground talking to himself. Eliza and her brothers and sister would laugh and know why after their father told them that Capote loved booze, but it made him write his novels better. He warned the kids never to drink anything and come to him first. The kids always obeyed, except Eliza, of course.
The next time Eliza and Truman Capote crossed paths was the following Sunday when the kids were on their way to the bike room in the East Tower, then over to the park next door to the UN Plaza.

He noticed Eliza. She smiled up at him, reminding him of Pippy Longstocking! Capote wore his signature straw hat, dressed down jeans and shirt with an antique silver flask filled with the best Russian Vodka money could buy hidden in his shirt pocket. He was walking his bulldog Maggie, who was an unruly and unfriendly jealous animal that you only petted if you liked the sound of snapping teeth and a low grunting growl.

“Your nose is red,” said Eliza. She just would kneel down and pet his dog as she and her siblings usually did.

“What’s the dog’s name?”

“Maggie, but she might bite you!”

“You smell funny,” said Glenda, looking up at the author.

Both girls broke out in innocent laughter. Capote was not fazed, in fact, he found it quite amusing. It’s a good idea to get down to a kid’s level and try that on…

Maggie got nervous with all the talking and clamor of children in the elevator’s small space. She barked a hoarse whisper of a yelp and bared her crooked missing teeth and backed up against the wall.

Juan was on duty and joked with the kids. They were not like the usual indifferent children that lived at the UN Plaza. Those kids were snotty and aloof, but the brood was like the piƱata swinging at a fiesta. It was fun to tease them and pretend the elevator was stuck, then shut the lights out and say, “We’re going to go sideways!” Juan would do a funny ’23-Skado’ dance step when he said it! The kids loved it, but Eliza was scared most of all because of her earlier ordeal at the amusement park when she a mere baby.

Everyone who worked in the building joked around with the kids, some tenants not liking it. Having hired help fraternizing with the most nosiest and unruly neighbor’s children was like fingernails against a blackboard for some.

“Why is your nose so red?” Asked Eliza looking up at Capote, trying to suppress a grin.

“I’m Santa Claus,” he quipped back at her. Capote needed a comeback and observed Eliza up and down with his piercing blue eyes squinting merrily. He was looking for something. He found it and pointed to her sandaled large feet and said loudly and clearly “And you my dear have ‘dirty toenails’!’” He emphasized “dirty toenails”.

Everyone in the elevator, even Eliza, cracked up, including the operator who was supposed to be akin to the London silent guardsmen you tried to make laugh.

“Dirty toenails, dirty toenails, dirty toenails,” laughed Richard, Eliza's older brother.

“That’s right,” said Capote. “Dirty toenails! Not mine, Not yours, but hers! Mine are clean he said removing his expensive Italian shoes with no socks and showing the children his 'lily white tootsies'.

Even Eliza started to laugh because her toenails were uncut and dirty. It wasn’t a very pretty site, and her feet were also oversized for her age, so the 10 year old tomboy stuck out like a sore thumb with a size 8 shoe!

From that time until they moved, when Truman and Eliza met he’d utter the 2 words that would have them cracking up and roaring with laughter. It became infectious, because most in the vicinity knew Truman Capote and what he wrote and stood for. After a few months it was almost like Capote and Eliza shared a strange friendship.
Even when they’d spot each other in the lobby or when the elevator door opened they would acknowledge each other almost fondly. It was odd and many did notice and told Eliza's father, who would roll his eyes, trying to joke it away, but it left him standing dumbfounded in the elevator almost having to ride all the way back up…

It was as ludicrous as when Johnny Carson invited him to go skydiving in the coming months since they’d moved in the building. Victor had declined the offer and it was at a building party so Johnny had a few in him and Eliza's father brushed it off as they sat together talking about the latest issues. Carson thought the had a good head on his shoulders and was interested in what made his lace mill tick and how he managed to balance his time and shuttle between New York and Rhode Island!
But it would a few weeks later when Eliza's father was out of town at the lace factory. It was during spring break. She’d gone by herself to the park when she bumped into “The Grass Harp” author who was about to drive away in his Aqua blue convertible Mercedes with Maggie in the back.

“Well, it’s the ‘Dirty Toenails Tomboy!”

“Hi Red Nosed one,” teased Eliza back at him, not batting an eye. Suddenly she felt like Tatum O’Neal in the new movie that was becoming the rage “Paper Moon” with Ryan O’Neal! Eliza felt like that character Tatum played. She sidled up to his car, the steering wheel on the opposite side than American cars! She boldly petted Maggie. “I want to have a ride,” she half demanded just as Maggie snapped at her fingers.

“I don’t know, Maggie doesn’t like you very much. She’s jealous…”

“Please, it looks like fun!”

Truman was debating with himself. He felt a bit drawn to this offbeat little girl. She sort of made him feel like a child again. Blurting out whatever came to mind, running wild through the elegant lobby, unknowing of the right manners or decorum or at least pretended not to. In a strange way his main character from “In Cold Blood” had a slanted innocence under the surface.

“Okay, hop in. I’ll tool you around the block….”

“Great, thanks!” Eliza climbed in and seat belted herself in.

Sammy the Doorman helped Eliza and shut the snazzy door of the vehicle. He knew very well how Mr. Capote drove and maybe that he might be a bit tipsy. “Does your mother know about this, Eliza?” He asked in earnest, only trying to protect the little girl.

“Yes Sammy,” she lied while sitting in the front seat of the Truman Capote’s blue Mecedes. He took off with a screech and picked up speed fast, leaving the doorman stunned and worried. Even Tom at the front desk stood up when he saw Capote driving off with little Eliza in the front seat!

Eliza’s curly, frizzy hair blew in all directions. Maggie began barking in a whsiper toned yelp, but by now Eliza was not afraid. Truman maneuvered the car expertly, but with more speed and gusto than more drivers out that day! He wasn’t a pro, but more of a speed demon. It was in his blood as well as expensive Vodka!

They raced up Beekman Place, and onto 1st Avenue, then took a fast turn onto Riverside Drive. Eliza watched the picturesque towers from all angles and since it was the first time she’d driven in a convertible she was very excited and it showed on her exuberant flushed face, her curls whipping in the warm New York City wind.

“So,” yelled Truman, above the din of the engine and wind. “You lied so easily to the doorman!”

For some reason, Eliza trusted Capote. He had a very dry sense of humor but he right away seemed to relate when he started with the ‘dirty toenails’ banter with the girl.

“Yeah, I lied to Sammy, but I wanted to go!” Said Eliza trying to emulate the Tatum O’Neal character Addie Prayer from Paper Moon!


“Look, even Maggie likes me now,” said Eliza. She was gently stroking Maggie's fur back and the dog was responding well. Truman was impressed.

“Hmmm, you must be ok then…If Maggie lets you pet her like that!”

They sailed along Riverside Drive at an even pace, then Capote suddenly gunned the engine and they sprinted easily by the UN Building in the flashy car, drawing lots of attention which was Truman’s intentions in the first place. They drove onward toward Tudor City where a virtually unknown Robert Redford lived. In that moment Truman Capote and Eliza were so much alike!

Capote liked Eliza, more than he would have other children. Even the Kennedy kids were a bit droll after Capote met Eliza. They had a reputation, and could not be children, but more like mannequins. How sad.

Eliza had spunk and chutzpah and it’s the little kid enthusiasm she showed, more than most of the other snot-nosed kids at the UN Plaza had, and Truman liked that about Eliza. But it was time to get back to reality as he reached into his front pocket and retrieved a small silver flask and took a sip. He stared at Eliza and held out the flask.

Eliza really felt like Tatum O’Neal now! She related to that character and was the same age as Tatum in that movie! She pretended in her head that she was in that movie and it fueled her imagination to the hilt.

“What’s that?” Asked Eliza, already knowing, but playing cat and mouse.

Truman ate that up. “Magic juice!”

“Can I have a taste?”

“Well that all depends. It’s pretty strong juice for adults!”

Eliza seemed confident. “I can take it. My dad let me try his Vodka once! And I also tried it at his dry bar and mixed my own Vodka drink once. I added Ginger Ale!”

“What? How could you! Ugh…”

“That’s what is in the flask,” Eliza said and winked, trying to emanate the
confidence of Tatum!

“Smart girl.”

“I know that.” She smiled brightly at the famous author as he smiled wryly at the girl

“If I give you a swig do you promise not to tell anyone?”

“I promise,” said Eliza earnestly.

“Now don’t lie to me like you did the doorman!”

“Oh, I won’t!”

His glassy blue eyes pierced Eliza’s brownish green ones. Slowly he passed his precious flask of grade-A Russian Vodka to the 10-year old girl. She took it and mimicked Tatum O’Neal’s character in Paper Moon deftly. She put the flask to her lips and took two huge big sips and swallowed with no problem, which surprised Truman Capote. Eliza felt the warm liquid go down her gullet and into her stomach. She immediately felt light headed and warm and uplifted, slightly drunk already.

“Okay Dirty Toenails, that’s enough for you,” joked Capote as he yanked the flask out of her strange looking fingers.

They both started laughing and carrying on as Capote drove back toward the Towers again and took another swig.

“Feeling tipsy, Eliza?”

“Oh yes I am Mr. Capote!”

“Know any good jokes?”

“Yes… Truman Capote,” she quipped.

“Very funny young lady!” He joked with her amiably.

“Ladies and Germs, can I have your attention!” Screamed Eliza at the top of her lungs as they passed a group of Japanese tourist about to enter the famed UN Building.

“Eliza, you are drunk,” he spat out. He gunned the engine to the hilt until Eliza thought it would burst into flames, but the liquor made her suppress the fears of her childhood.

“Yes, I am drunk,” she said tipsy-like.

“I better get you back,” he said, sort of not wanting to go back. He reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a breath spray. “Here, open your mouth little girl,” he said to the kid.

Eliza closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. She enjoyed his attention. “Ha, ha, now I smell like you!”

“I don’t want your dirty toenails! And I’ll bet you can sing like your mother!”

“Wow, Mom can sing so well,” said Eliza absentmindedly. She was watching some small commotion with a taxi and a bus by the time the sun began to set behind the Twin Towers in the foreground.

The car sped back onto the UN Plaza driveway and just one last stretch along Mitchell Place. By this time Eliza felt just a bit woozy but also elated. She had made a new friend and would not betray him.
She got out of the car and headed to the park first to see who was around. After playing in the sandbox for awhile, then sliding down the largest slide, she walked slowly toward the UN Plaza, stopping in the garage to say hello to Lev, Gemma’s husband who now worked for the building. He noticed she seemed a bit more subdued than her usual high strung way, but said nothing.
Eliza then ran up to the bank of elevators, pushed the button and rode it all the way up to the 38th floor. She got out and walked around the penthouse level where Capote lived. Cliff Robetson lived on one side and Johnny Carson on the other. It was quiet but the hallway was decorated very richly and smelled fresh and crisp.
She wanted to see what Truman’s place looked like. Maybe one day. It was a strange friendship. She also had an urge to ring Mrs. Morralt's apartment and run away and hide just to bug the ex model. It was hard for Eliza to believe that the older, silver-haired ‘bitch’ was really a model on a runway with a smile planted on her pretty face. Eliza did not see Mrs. Morralt pretty and really put her in league with Mrs. Morretti, both witches and mean spirited tenants that didn't appreciate the child antics.

She didn’t ring Morralt's buzzer, but walked the patterns of the rug and slowly pushed the elevator button. Thank God the quiet elevator man Hugh was on duty and she did not have to talk. But the man was still sort of eerie and dark when all he would do was hum some useless ditty as if the tune was German or Dutch, or whatever Hugh was.
Once back upstairs in their apartment (23E), she played a great game of monopoly with her sister Glenda then watched TV and had dinner when she felt sick. She ran into the bathroom and threw up and Gemma gave her Pepto Bismol which worked. So the day was over, no one was the wiser when "Eliza got tipsy with famed author Truman Capote!"

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She treated me like a sister from the moment I entered the room. She thought she knew me. Maybe she did in another life. I made sure to stick close. It was a memorable night.
She treated me like a sister from the moment I entered the room. She thought she knew me. Maybe she did in another life. I made sure to stick close. It was a memorable night.
Source: Selfie 1985, Suzanne Somers & Leslie Siegel


Mel Brooks did a selfie with me and the reason he is making the "O" face with lips is because in all the scenes, as he filmed "Robin Hood Men In Tights," all he saw was my mouth "OH".
Mel Brooks did a selfie with me and the reason he is making the "O" face with lips is because in all the scenes, as he filmed "Robin Hood Men In Tights," all he saw was my mouth "OH".
Source: Mel Brooks & I doing a SELFIE!


David Carradine (RIP) was my hero as a child and growing up. I loved his character of Kwai Change Caine in the Kung Fu TV series of the 1070's. Then I came out & finally met him and interviewed him. I could tell he liked me, just one of our selfies!
David Carradine (RIP) was my hero as a child and growing up. I loved his character of Kwai Change Caine in the Kung Fu TV series of the 1070's. Then I came out & finally met him and interviewed him. I could tell he liked me, just one of our selfies!


  • I've been taking "Selfies" Since Miley was the size of her tongue in her mom's belly! I have been on the Net in general since "1984" (YES, 1984) when a chemist (my next door neighbor) had it in his living room and he was the first to let me in on it.They had computers then? YES.
  • I was working off an Amiga 500, or Commodore 64. My chemist pal had a MAC, the first type. It looked like a toaster. And when you chatted with others, it was like the wild wild west where it was a free for all!
  • When the normal flow of people discovered what was going on with this new tecnology, it started to explode. I remember all the computer "IT" guys losing their jobs in the late 1980's when they were getting caught masturbating to the chats of thousands of women. I knew one named Joe when I was working at The Hollywood Reporter in the early 1990's. Poor Joe just got carried away and worked nights and found that 1,000 people chat and growing, so he grew and grew and one day someone saw him and told (not me, I had already been fired).
  • It was one big chat with everyone and anyone, When I think back to those days, the beginning of the Internet, when they were actually calling it the "Super Highway!" I loved the freedom of talking to and getting feedback from.people I did not know and there were literally thousands of whomvers out there, maybe more. I was one of the first people to get AOL, Yahoo, Juno when it was free, Facebook and Google+ and more.
Back then it was not about Photoshop! It was about reality games on the net in 1984, chatting and posting little tiny sites on the Kennedys or movies of interest at Blockbuster, very simple coding, just a blip.on the Internet's Super Highway. Certainly not like it is today, by no means.
No posting, no AOL, no yahoo, AND NO GOOGLE! Just this big arena until someone got the idea to start to regulate. By the end 1991 things were changing and lots of stuff was starting to come up on the net I knew since 1984. No one even knew the slang "OMG" "LMAO" "WTF"! At that time no one could have have ever dreamed it would go this far. I've had the same Yahoo account since I started it in 1995!.
But getting back to the early days of 1984, my favorite game was called Crystal Quest, where you actually saw others in simple black and white cartoon, it was basic, but it was computer reality and people took it pretty seriously.
Then there was a game called Rector, a reality online game that aske you questions and then predicted your future. I found it in a user group (very crude and basic) but something very new that I'd ever experienced back then. Simply the game would load up and then start to ask you basic, almost nonsense questions then predict stuff in your life.
And my ever favorite game Pirates where you are a captain of a ship long before Johnny Depp was finishing up 21 Jump Street (It was still on back then). Wow, Who knew!? I got very good at it. The disk it ran on was squiare, small an certainly years away from the DVD. One of the first plastic disks, before floppy, larger ones came into being.
I do have them on my old hard drive NEC, stored or frozen in time, but I've been afraid to even try to get it going. That computer has not been fired up since I was married 12 years ago.
Then about 2005 my childhood friend got on Amazing Race and slapped his Playboy centerfold wife in the face in Berlin, Germany for stopping and making them lose. I helped him by creating blogs and leading others on the net to it.
I went on all the sites for Amazing Race and did my thing and I was labeled a TROLL! They knew it was Leslie Siegel at LOL, it was so easy back then. It's harder now. Why? Because people finally caught up about how it was done. And they realized they could either do it themselves or get it done by hiring big companies, thinking it would be even better, since I charged so little back then.
After that what happened was the net started getting clogged with garbage, even though I could seemingly still make all my clients show up! To this day, most clients still come up and requires no fine tuning.
Oh, but who back then could forget the wild west days when you could get away with just about anything, say anything, be anybody, just about everything, but not crime, just fun and games and no bullying either. People would e so nice if I had a fight with my boyfriend and I was chatting about him. I had this way of making the whole room turn and talk to me on the computer's 1000 Plus users.
They were exciting times. I knew it was something special, I felt like I was one of the first nobodies to be on there. They used it at first as a missing persons database, the FBI, so they say, I think.
Other uses to store data in html coding. Then the City of Los Angeles,Air Quality Control Company utilized it for their staff, which made for easy access to computers and equipment to test the air. The chemist, who was quickly became my friend, seemed to have endless access and monies to editing rooms, so we mixed video with the medium, and I knew I was sitting on something I would need the right people to see. Unfortunatly, the ones I showed were NOT the right people. My fault. But I knew. Just amazing days. I was there, so I know.
Then about 2007, I was hired by a man to do many projects from real estate to helping clients get seen on the net. Things like EBAY, AOL and even horse racing was growing and I had my own business license for it all.
People took interest. Some good and a lot of bad. One DJ interviewed me on BlogRadio and made me sound like a crazy nut. I was so embarrassed. What a crap shoot, he was jealous and didn't undersand. I wrote them and made him say "SORRY". But it was weak.
When again about 1 year later my childhood friend and his Playboy centerfold wife got on The Joe Rogan Fear Factor Show and my friend ended up in a big fight and punched Joe in the face and ran away wife in tow.
He contracted me again and I raised thousands of people to his site. By then there were mediums to use. Social Media was just sort of being born, even Twitter was like what kind of bird is that? Later on he went to Big Brother and of course I was labeled a TROLL and they knew who I was, who else, right: That infamous Leslie Siegel at LOL, it was so easy back then. It's hard now.
  • The hardest part was the negative bullies that appeared, even bullies that picked on me in high school, and even one bully from New York City tough public school PS 167, who had become some gay icon or art thing in San Francisco. I emailed him shots of him in 7th grade and he freaked out and blocked me. Couldn't handle it. But, it was so addictive, seeing your work showing in engines, as engines were created, bought out and buffed up. It was a great thing and at the time I made money, had fun and was also pretty dumb with that power of the electronic blog pen. I did bad, I did good, I did ugly. All I can ask for is peace, happiness and forgiveness from my family. Ahhh, maybe one day, and I'll just wait an see what what the next big thing is.ow could you leave such a good thing?



The last few months Kate had been dealing with a cyst on her left breast, so it was hard to think about getting back into the job market after some songwriter who died left her and her boyfriend 100 grand. The money had long dwindled and the couple knew they'd have to go back to work.

The small cyst appeared over Christmas and Kate had to go to UCLA and get it checked and went through days of hot compresses, aspirations and possible biopsy and the dreaded word "Cancer" kept flashing in her mind like neon. But suddenly as quick as it came, it went away while Kate's boyfriend was traveling around the country with the last of the inheritance.

So it was time to get a new job, which was no problem for Kate. She was a crack shot at anything and had done everything from Extra work to production secretary, movie sets, PR firms, Ad Agencies and more, even the Metro Rail was being built back then in Los Angeles and she spent almost a year as a Secretary for the Quality Assurance Manager at the Wilshire & Western Tunnel Station.

But she always seemed to lose the precious job after a big fanfare of love by her bosses and co workers would suddenly, without warning, turn sour and totally upside down. Some incident, something she said maybe taken the wrong way by some power upper executive, something someone thought, made public, something she may have said about past jobs, whatever it was, it always haunted, followed her like a mark on  her head.

Kate would pick up on it and notice the vibe change immediately, even before everyone else did, so she'd jot down poems expressing herself over her "soon demise", although no one else could believe it at the time, but it always happened.

Usually something would change. They would either get the Internet, change office managers, change the way they'd want Kate to read the sales script, changed rules, changed hours or even as drastic as starting a whole new company in a new high tech building, which always seemed to "x" Katie out of the job and she'd find herself pounding the pavement for a new job. Landing the job was no problem, finding it was no big deal, but keeping it after the usual honeymoon part faded as she progressed, and as always, the problem arose again and she, like Cain (who killed his brother Abel) would flee to another job site and try and stay under the radar, and for God-sakes Kate, stop reading palms.

Here are some Examples of poetry written by Kate before she was dumped about 6 months later, usually it was plain and simple gossip churned up after about 10 months and it was usually "curtains".


Shooting off your mouth
Gunshot to the head
Waiting; your gossip made you fatally dead
Stuff said; build a snowman, it won’t melt until summer
Bummer; some never seeing you the same again
Silent enemies close by you now
They’re loud thoughts penetrate, invading life and other things said
Lying on a nail bed, laid out for the piranha feeding frenzy
With outer personal facts falling apart like stale bread
Just for the intensity of emotional poetry, just for fun –
Where only inspiration comes when in trouble
So, things were said, over blown
Pick axe digging a self proclaimed grave
Saying too much, stretched to the limit
The rack is speaking
Chains rattling in decline into the unemployment line
Ears perked up ready to strike
A snake striking on all levels
Those few friends warn, a coffin beckons
The quiet babble going on behind your back is strong
Because of their new aversion
Meanness in you comes in all forms
Invading personal spaces
Dropping gunk into trash basins
Following behind with a sharp witchy giggle
On the verge of being and thinking evil
The talk on you aggravates
By the grave digger’s lantern light, fresh dirt settles lining the body
In the sweet embrace of serenity and darkness’ space!


Predicting a jobless baseball diamond
My time here grows short
Take me out of the ball game
Feeling like criminal court
All blame points toward me
The boss’ eyes boring into my heart
Silently saying to go now
Unwanted, get away and move on
All negatives streaking away, a home run, or I struck out!


Peddle to the grindstone, all the way to the top hop
Being here a year isn’t as freewheeling as it was before
Keep that trap shut, it might be too late
Speak when spoken to, maybe not even then
Take the helm of your sinking ship
Mutiny on the Bounty, shooting off your mouth
They’re asking questions later
Those in your crew turn their heads away
Your eyes cast down
People now bent against you, disarming your spirited vocals
No more “patty-cake, patty cake” with your cohorts
Spin the “Sale” on the flunky
They are not kidding around
Skull and bones wave away the signal flag of “I surrender”
Vultures closing in for your kill
All areas affected, friends, family, foe, and fun filled
I think it’s the end of my ways, my jokes, my world, my notions
Something negative lurks, I let it lurk
Evil emanating from my own dirty, dark, negative part of my soul
Too late to say “I told you so!”
Silence was golden; just don’t melt the calf for worship
The pipeline is clogged with your own feces
From what was said, it travels up to the guy at the head
Who demands the review for your golden idol?
Bought with your eager good will
Now shoddy and falling apart
In the end, a mean game of telephone persists
Until it’s time to leave this boat
You are like Titanic, they came to rescue, the rope slipped
Bargaining tables where once agreeable, now a full blown counsel
About lost cash and talking for free

But Eric Edwards Photo Studio in Burnbank CA was small, tucked away on a residential street, and the Latino family that ran it seemed so laid back and easygoing. All the crew had to do was call businesses, and talk them into coming in for a group photo and they'd win a full Las Vegas Vacation, the works, or so it seemed when pitching it with the other people sitting at little desks that resembled the ones Kate sat around in during high school.  Each school desk had  a connected seat with a phone on each. There was a "Smile & Dial" poster in front, and rock and roll music was piped in from the main office. Even the way the room was set up seemed like a high school classroom. Kate felt like she was in the movie "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" and that was a good feeling.

Kate's high school life was no dream. Her mother was very high profile in a bad way, and pissed off the town they lived in so that bled over to how she was treated during her high school years by her peers - Not good! Bullying, teasing, cruel names, running over their lawn in the middle of the night, picking on the whole family after her mother did a singing concert in the middle of town then trashed the whole place in an interview for a big regional newspaper.

Think of the comedy show of the Sixties "Green Acres" with Eddie Albert and his crazy City wife played by Ava Gabor, and take away the accent and the nice attitude and you will see half of Kate's mom, a snow queen of a woman, more like the Queen in Snow White, but with blond hair, and paralleling Blanche Du'Bois from A Streetcar Named Desire, the Marlon Brando thriller of the 1950's.

Bottom line: Kate missed those crucial memories of high school where most chuckled and recalled them in all the crazy antics they did. Just running crazy through the streets and laughing at everything. Or perhaps fun on the school bus on the way home talking loud and gossiping as she had watched the popular kids do day after day. That life of high school was ALWAYS barred like the gates to third class passengers of Titanic.

Eric Edwards Photo Studio in Burbank brought those days back, but this time it was Kate sitting with her group of girls and guys and they were her posse. For the first time ever in her life, she was liked by her peers, and also became the top seller of the Las Vegas trips ever at Eric Edwards. That gave her confidence to be herself and make everyone laugh at her funny antics and jokes. She was fun, she was jovial, she dressed like a hippie and made the whole room come alive with energy and empowerment.

Joe Simpson developed a little crush on her the moment she walked in for the interview that early morning at the beginning of March. He was married, but having some difficulties with his wife and her in laws. Kate seemed very refreshing, even smiling at him as she passed his desk and entered the manager's glass office in the front of the small office that used to be an insurance firm for a big studio.

Anna had just landed this job. She had 3 kids and was on Welfare. She saw Kate come in and liked her immediately. Although Kate seemed a bit immature at first, Anna knew they'd be good friends, and she began to listen to Kate as Kate learned the script to reel in the Las Vegas Vacation takers. It was Kate that started to bring in her own leads and share them. No one there had the Internet in their house yet, but Kate did, and she'd bring in hundreds of leads for the manager to distribute, and it worked, they sold so many packages that the owner came down to see what the change was, and Anna knew he'd want to know it all.

Although Heather the manager shot speed, she could still maintain the office. It was easy going, just watch, collect the package details, do a little payroll and be on easy street. The room didn't know she was a meth head, and she hid it well with long sleeves and a cheery professional attitude. They were a team and she kind of owed it to Kate. When Kate came, the sales went up and the pressure went down. So that left more time for bantering and fooling around on the job. Kate would come in, set like 7 packages and that left Heather free to chat with her boyfriend and leave the office for a quick fix in her car.

But Heather was a nice woman, and Kate liked her. She seemed okay. She was personable, nice, open minded and funny. She was full of energy like Kate had, but in a more professional way. She even owned a few cats, which Kate loved. She lived close by in Glendale, CA, just like Kate. And the other people in the office were super nice as well. They all started to bond and travel home together on the bus that stopped in front of the office once an hour. The bottom line would be that if Heather hadn't of been thinking that her job may be at stake as manager, if she didn't somehow rein in Kate, so there was a tension still.

Kate had just come from off working for the subway tunnels makers Tudor-Salibi-Perrini (although Perrini left the franchise after many flaws developed). She quickly became used to working with all sorts of construction men, and the secretary there at the time, Rena, a big fat woman that reminded Kate of the  now passed on actress Nell Carter, she even sounded like the black actress who did a series for years called "Gimme A Break".

The pay was good, the work was so interesting, but Rena was having none of it for Kate. She made sure the Hippie Lady would be let go 1 day before her 1 year date so she'd not get hired permanently, but Kate always thought that because she didn't answer the call of the wild to the charms and come-on vvibes by the head Construction Manager Mike, she might have been edged out.

She was seeing an electrician, a gruff, but handsome Paul Newman look a like who lots of rich old woman fell for. Gershwin's granddaughter wanted him, so did Joseph Cotton's wife, who was pushing 80 by then, back then. But flash forward a bit. Kate had found Eric Edwards after leaving the Metro Rail and getting, at first, a temp job at a Disney Distribution PR annex type company where she smashed her lips against a clear door that looked open and was not fitting in. She was promptly let go with two fat lips and a bit of cash for the unempolyment line.

Then that cyst. But at the same time her boyfriend had gotten some weird inheritance from an old man Kate had dated on and off for years, until she met her boyfriend and dumped the old Goat who had developed Cancer and gotten mean and cantankerous, even though they'd traveled all over the world together, he had two homes, they went on many excursions, he lived at a magical beach house right on the Ocean in Malibu and was very rich when Natalie Cole re did the song Unforgettable and put her vocals next to her dead father's Nat King Cole.

But that was all past now, he'd left her boyfriend the money, his full control. It was so creepy of that man. Kate could not believe he'd written the most romantic song in the world "Unforgettable"sang by Nat King Cole, which was not really about what it sounded.

"Didn't Nat write that?" Asked one girl having lunch one day with Kate and her posse of girls, and Joe too. He felt special being the only guy. They were at the McDonald's 10 blocks from the job, they'd just had a great morning, Kate had sold 3 deals, and Anne 1; Jade sold 2, and so on down the line. Even Joe sold 1 and that counted for something as a team. '

"Irving wrote the song, and Nat was looking though a huge catalog of songs at Irv's publisher's office," said Kate getting a far off look in her eyes. She remembered when she traveled with the old guy and there they'd go at the drop of a hat to Miami, San Francisco, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, endless trips, even Santa Barbara. The guy was loaded, sold his "Unforgettable" song to Revlon for 7 million. It was like a dream if he wasn't such a nightmare.

They all sat crammed in a booth basking in the glory of 7-11 leads Kate had supplied the day before. They'd finally gotten the hang of calling and speaking with the managers there, who were going for the family photo and the trip to Vegas.

And the trip itself, which only required a $40 dollar deposit for the room in Vegas, was totally worth it. Everything else was provided, except what you gambled with, and your food.  It was a fair deal and all you had to do was take a family photo, and pay for one (if you wanted the vacation) but get two photos, one free, and pay the 40 bucks for the reserved room, which many thought good. You'd be picked up in a party bus, see a movie on the way to Vegas and make many stops on the way. A real bargain, and then driven by bus again back to L.A. Memories forever. Right, Not.

They all marveled at Kate and how she took a drab, boring, hang up in your face script and actually spun it into gold, it was totally amazing. At first Heather wouldn't let them use it, but after awhile, even she had to 'cave' because Kate was starting to get more deals than the rest, so she relented and let them use Kate's script.

"Kate, I can't believe how well that sale thing works," said Joe. He munched on fries. "You like breathed life into it.

Everyone agreed. It was a simple sale now. "I could do it with my eyes closed," said Kate. Can I have your prizes?" They'd all gotten Happy Meals, and gladly gave their "unopened" prizes to Kate. She deserved them, seemed to enjoy them.

"Never open them, if you collect," said Kate, seeming to get all excited when she saw the Beanie Baby Zebra, very rare! "I'll never open it!"

"My kids always open it, I find it the next day on the floor or broken," said Anne.

"Oh, that's too bad, Anne," said Kate. "They'll be worth more in the plastic!"

"Worth how much more?"

"Like maybe 10 bucks!"

"How?" Asked Anne, intrigued.

"In Japan, they don't have these, there's a site on the Internet called EBAY that you can put this and they buy it, it's like an auction thing!"

"Wow," everyone chimed in.

"Really? Asked Anne. "How do you get it?"

"I've had the Internet for many years," said Kate sitting straighter and sitting in a Lotus position on the seat. "My friend is a chemist with the City of Los Angeles and she showed me and set me up nice, you'll see."

"Can we come and see it some time?" Asked Joe, always eager to know Kate and see what made this fascinating chick tick.

"Sure, maybe this Friday after work!"

"And Payday," reminded Kit.

"Right," they all chimed in again.

They finished lunch and returned for the last 2 hours, but there was little to do. Heather just put on the radio and they must sat around talking and having fun.

"You guys are good at this, let's just pace ourselves, we've never had this before, and the boss doesn't get it!"

"What do you mean?"

"He thinks we are scamming so I think we should go back to the old script, he's coming here with his son to sit and watch what we do. I don't think he will like the script Kate wrote!"

"Well, we can say you wrote it, he won't care, it's sales, not bullshit," said Kit.

"Okay, okay, we'll do that," relented Heather. She really was afraid of losing her job to Kate one day. But for now it was fine. She would not try to push them, lest they lose respect in her. This job paid well now, and she could relax and even "needle up" if she so chose. And many times she had. Kate could handle ting with Anne, but Anne had a knack for management that Kate didn't. So Kate could be the fish and Anne the fisherman. No biggie.